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The Benefits of Dr Seuss

I think Dr Seuss is one of those authors you either love or loathe, but either way, he has been enormously influential. Whatever it takes to get kids interested in reading is the way to go, irrespective of our own personal preferences. I was particularly interested to read the following article because it reminded me of a relief class (year 1) I taught years ago. I was told that it was a particularly difficult class, all of whom had poor concentration, and that I should come prepared. So I did. In my usual fashion I brought along all my props – the CD’s and some of the equipment I use in kidz-fiz-biz – but also brought along my “Cat in the Hat” hat and I was wearing my over sized T-shirt of the same name. I also wore an enormous knitted and brightly colored coat. I told the children I had ‘tricks up my sleeve’ which kept the agog all day. I read them the story of the Cat in the Hat on a rainy day while wearing my hat and T-shirt to ‘set the scene’, after which they had to write their own story of what they would like to do on a rainy day. Sometimes we need ‘over the top’ props to get through and I was very grateful for my Dr Seuss books and pops. It was an enormously successful day. They weren’t demons at all, just curious 6 year-olds. Continue reading

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How to Climb Mountains ~ by Paulo Coelho

Choose the mountain you want to climb:
don’t pay attention to what other people say, such as ‘that one’s more beautiful’ or ‘this one’s easier’. You’ll be spending lots of energy and enthusiasm to reach your objective, so you’re the only one responsible and you should be sure of what you’re doing. Continue reading

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Love in a Paper Bag

“It was Molly’s job to hand her father his brown paper lunch bag each morning before he headed off to work. One day, in addition to his lunch bag, Molly handed him a second paper bag. This one was worn and held together with tape, staples and paper clips. Continue reading

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Each morning I try to start the day reading Sarah Ban Breathnach’s ‘Simple Abundance ‘ A Daybook of Comfort and Joy’. A recent passagewas about the importance of compliments. What a gem. Continue reading

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Carrot, Egg & Coffee

This article came into my inbox recently and I thought it a gem. It has real applications for all of us and a message for those of us who are responsible for children. You may already have seen this doing the email rounds but it’s worth a second read. Enjoy. Continue reading

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The Death Clock – Your Choice

I read something interesting in a newsletter recently about the Death Clock. The writer had calculated statistically that he had 39 years left to live. He was making the point that he had better get on with making a difference in the world. That was a good reason to focus on the Death Clock, to think of ways of doing good, but to me he missed the point. Continue reading

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Margaret, Mabel & Jimmy – The Importance of Reading

As I believe passionately in the power of books and in the importance of introducing children to their magic at the earliest possible age, when I came across this article I felt I had to share it with you. May it inspire you. Enjoy. Continue reading

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