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Some Strategies for Calming Children

Hyperactivity in children is an increasing problem and one that does not have a simple solution. Expecting all children to be able to lie still with eyes closed while you play relaxing music is unrealistic. Most children will not be able to do this without prior experience. Instead, start off with some calming activities and gradually work up to lying down with eyes closed. Following are some strategies that might help. Continue reading

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It’s All About Balance

Who thinks they lead busy lives? Who feels overwhelmed by the demands on their time? I would say most of you said ‘me’. The sensational advances in technology make communication and everything else in our lives, so much more efficient. The problem is, we think we have to do absolutely EVERYTHING and it all has to be done TODAY! The fact is, it doesn’t. Continue reading

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Tempus Fugit

I was reading Phillip Adams’ column in the Weekend Australian recently (May 28/9) talking about the general ‘hurriedness’ of life today. His comments, as usual, were insightful. It got me thinking about the ramifications of our hurried lifestyles and the stress that places on children. The younger they are, the more stress they pick up on. Young minds need a slow pace of life to absorb everything around them, which is why we have child-centred learning in our early childhood settings. I reproduce part of his article here as he as an amusing mode of expression. Continue reading

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Babies and Early Childhood Development

I don’t know whether or not you’ve seen the current movie ‘Babies’. If not, I recommend it because there are lots of lessons in there for us all. It’s only short – I think 1 hour 20 minutes – and has no narration so is almost a silent movie observing babies. You might think this would be as exciting as watching grass grow, but surprisingly it is beguiling and intriguing and absolutely adorable. If you can survive the first five minutes, you’re hooked. David Stratton gave it 3 stars I think, from memory, Margaret Pomeranz gave it 4 stars. It is getting rave reviews worldwide. Continue reading

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Overcoming Adversity

Just when you think life’s tough and you’re contemplating going off to a little pity party on your own somewhere, the universe always manages to show you something to put it all back into perspective. I thought I’d share two recent events with you that totally amazed me and certainly made me very grateful and humble. Continue reading

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Fit Kids

I had the privilege recently of working for four days in a primary school (K-7) in the south-west of Western Australia. The purpose was to teach musical appreciation and interpretation along with basic musical elements of pitch, dynamics, tempo, beat and rhythm. I decided to have fun with this to show the children, and their teachers, that music can be a full-bodied adventure. The experience reinforced the benefits of physical fitness. Continue reading

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Stretching for Kids

This is a topic dear to my heart. As a seven year old, I had a serious accident resulting in permanent cervical spinal damage (neck). At the time the only concern was concussion, which I didn’t get, and healing the wound. In my twenties, while playing with my children, I injured my neck. I went to the doctor, who sent me to the physiotherapist. That was when I discovered the serious long-term damage I had sustained as a child. Continue reading

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