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Having Passion

I had the privilege last weekend of attending a school reunion, not mine, but my brother’s. It wasn’t a school year, as such, that was being celebrated but rather the year that two new, young teachers started at the school and decided it would be a good idea to put on a musical production – The Pirates of Penzance. It was such a huge success that the next year they did it again with HMS Pinafore. There were several things that were remarkable about this evening, the most obvious being the passage of time since that eventful first year – fifty years! Continue reading

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Exercise and the Brain

We all know that exercise is good for us, and for those of us involved in motor co-ordination in children, that exercise is what helps to develop the brain, not just the body. Continue reading

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Life’s Greatest Lessons: 20 Things That Matter

I came across this article on success in Wayne Mansfield’s newsletter, The Maverick Spirit. The points are a summary of Hal Urban’s book with the above title. Great tips for yourself and also to instil in the children in your life. Continue reading

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The Importance of Good Grammar

I often hear it said that in this day and age of computer technology with spell check and grammar check, it is not necessary to have a good command of spelling or grammar. The argument is extended to suggesting that you can always pay someone to edit your work for you. I find this a disturbing trend because it encourages sloppiness and laziness. Continue reading

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Singing in Schools

Last Friday night on ABC TV’s Stateline program, there was a segment featuring a lady by the name of Rosalyn Happs, a music specialist trying to introduce the ‘novel’ notion of singing in schools. In case you weren’t aware, the overwhelming majority of teachers do not do any form of music tuition in their classrooms any longer. The reason? There’s a music specialist in the school. When they move to a new school with no music specialist they are so unused to programming in music that it never happens. This is tragic. It was wonderful to hear about Ros Happs’ program and realise mine is not the only voice out there in the wilderness urging teachers to teach music in their classrooms, in whatever form that may take. Anne Trigg, local ASME committee member, sent the following quote from Ros Happs, which I reproduce here: Continue reading

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Education, Physical Activity and Aging

Having recently finished reading Norman Doidge’s book ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’ I was interested, in particular, to see what he had to say about education, physical activity and aging. Given that the children we teach today are tomorrow’s world leaders, and the senior citizens of the day after that, these facts are relevant to all of us. Continue reading

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Book Review: ‘Learning Through Drama, Dance and Song’

The Kidz-Fiz-Biz book ‘Learning Through Drama and Song’ was recently reviewed by Martin Blaszk. A few of the points made by Blaszk are: Continue reading

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