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A Selfless Act

I get tired of people telling me about how badly behaved children are today (compared with when?), how selfish they are ‘ blah, blah, blah ‘ and so I thought I’d share with you an article from a past Cancer Council WA newsletter as it struck a chord with me, and hopefully it will with you too. Continue reading

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Loving Your Wobbly Bits

I was at a breakfast meeting yesterday morning where the guest speaker was the seven times world champion marathon swimmer, Shelley Taylor-Smith. She now runs a company called ‘Champion Mindset’ (www.championmindset.com.au), through which she trains champions in all walks of life. She is certainly well qualified to talk about what makes a champion since she still holds the world marathon swimming record and was the instigator of this sport being added to the Olympic Games. Continue reading

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Why Self-Publish?

If you’ve ever wondered whether you should publish that song, novel, textbook or poem, just do it. May this article inspire you. Sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes. Continue reading

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Life Lessons From Colonel Sanders

Did you know that Colonel Sanders was turned down 1,009 times before anyone bought the rights to his KFC chicken recipe? Harlan Sanders owned a restaurant/motel/service station business and at the age 63 was offered nearly $200,000 for it. Deciding … Continue reading

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