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A Selfless Act

I get tired of people telling me about how badly behaved children are today (compared with when?), how selfish they are ‘ blah, blah, blah ‘ and so I thought I’d share with you an article from a past Cancer Council WA newsletter as it struck a chord with me, and hopefully it will with you too. Continue reading

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Exercise and the Brain

We all know that exercise is good for us, and for those of us involved in motor co-ordination in children, that exercise is what helps to develop the brain, not just the body. Continue reading

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It’s All About Balance

Who thinks they lead busy lives? Who feels overwhelmed by the demands on their time? I would say most of you said ‘me’. The sensational advances in technology make communication and everything else in our lives, so much more efficient. The problem is, we think we have to do absolutely EVERYTHING and it all has to be done TODAY! The fact is, it doesn’t. Continue reading

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Education, Physical Activity and Aging

Having recently finished reading Norman Doidge’s book ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’ I was interested, in particular, to see what he had to say about education, physical activity and aging. Given that the children we teach today are tomorrow’s world leaders, and the senior citizens of the day after that, these facts are relevant to all of us. Continue reading

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Beware the Humble Sausage Sizzle!

In a recent article on children and food, Dr Peter Dingle, Associate Professor of Toxicology at Murdoch University Western Australia, was quoted as saying that sausages contain very little of nutritional value but worse still, contain nitrates and nitrites. High levels of these chemicals have been linked to health disorders including leukaemia in children. That is not to say you should rush out and ban all forthcoming sausage sizzles, but just to be aware that if children in your care are having a diet consistently high in foods of dubious nutritional value, that you run the risk of causing them health problems of varying degrees of seriousness. This is not rocket science: you eat junk – don’t expect to have excellent health. The link is often not made though between diet and exercise and good health. Continue reading

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Laughter IS the Best Medicine

Do you know what happens to your body when you laugh? There has been lots of research carried out both in America and Australia on how laughter affects our immune system. Some of that research has shown that the endorphins released during laughter can be harnessed to control chronic pain. This research has also shown what happens to your body when you laugh. Continue reading

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Acknowledging the Inner Child

If you work with young children or are the parent of young children you are incredibly blessed because there before you stand tomorrow’s world leaders, complete and perfect in every detail. Somehow along the way though, some of these perfect souls lose direction and end up far off the beaten track. Some don’t make it at all. So what happens? Continue reading

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