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Move to learn

‘Bula’ is the friendly greeting you receive everywhere in Fiji. I have just spent an amazing week there attending a Move to Learn conference (www.movetolearn.com.au). It was a blissful week of learning, networking with like-minded individuals, dancing, putting the ‘Move to Learn’ program into practice at a local school with the remedial class, going to a village to enjoy traditional dancing, and all the while immersed in the laid-back lifestyle of Fiji. While phone and email were available, it was not particularly convenient so for a whole week you could be cut off from your world, if you chose. I did and it was extraordinarily refreshing. I found myself surviving on remarkably little sleep, getting up early for a brisk walk involving lots of hills, and still survived to tell the tale. The Fijian food and lifestyle are truly beguiling. Continue reading

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Background Music in the Classroom

Even if we are not consciously aware of it, music has a physiological and psychological effect on everyone. Listening to music can alter heartbeat, blood pressure and body temperature. It can stimulate us to action, or assist our retreat into slumber. A growing body of academic research asserts that background music has the capacity to influence human behaviour. Continue reading

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Book Review: ‘Learning Through Drama, Dance and Song’

The Kidz-Fiz-Biz book ‘Learning Through Drama and Song’ was recently reviewed by Martin Blaszk. A few of the points made by Blaszk are: Continue reading

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Babies and Early Childhood Development

I don’t know whether or not you’ve seen the current movie ‘Babies’. If not, I recommend it because there are lots of lessons in there for us all. It’s only short – I think 1 hour 20 minutes – and has no narration so is almost a silent movie observing babies. You might think this would be as exciting as watching grass grow, but surprisingly it is beguiling and intriguing and absolutely adorable. If you can survive the first five minutes, you’re hooked. David Stratton gave it 3 stars I think, from memory, Margaret Pomeranz gave it 4 stars. It is getting rave reviews worldwide. Continue reading

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Fit Kids

I had the privilege recently of working for four days in a primary school (K-7) in the south-west of Western Australia. The purpose was to teach musical appreciation and interpretation along with basic musical elements of pitch, dynamics, tempo, beat and rhythm. I decided to have fun with this to show the children, and their teachers, that music can be a full-bodied adventure. The experience reinforced the benefits of physical fitness. Continue reading

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Computers & Email

Love them or hate them, computers are a part of our lives. Our children do not know a world without them. To be a part of the child’s world, even a pre-schooler’s, is to be computer literate. At the very least, you must know the basics. It is essential that you make your computer your friend. Continue reading

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Stretching for Kids

This is a topic dear to my heart. As a seven year old, I had a serious accident resulting in permanent cervical spinal damage (neck). At the time the only concern was concussion, which I didn’t get, and healing the wound. In my twenties, while playing with my children, I injured my neck. I went to the doctor, who sent me to the physiotherapist. That was when I discovered the serious long-term damage I had sustained as a child. Continue reading

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