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The Sexiness of Goldfish

Have you ever considered goldfish sex appeal? No, I bet you haven’t. Neither had I until yesterday when I was on the treadmill in front of the fish tank at my daughter-in-law’s house (well, it’s her parents’ house). I’m here in China awaiting the birth of my first grandchild and to while away the time a brisk walk on the treadmill (because it’s snowing outside) is a good thing. Continue reading

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Going Green

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During recessionary times it is interesting to see people going back to basics by doing such things as learning to cook for themselves. Yes, I realise it is what most people do most of the time but this is a novel concept for some. Cooking schools, especially boutique classes, are flourishing. Along with this comes repairing your clothes so they last another season rather than tossing them out and buying anew. Some people even go so far as growing their own vegetables. Continue reading

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Having Passion

I had the privilege last weekend of attending a school reunion, not mine, but my brother’s. It wasn’t a school year, as such, that was being celebrated but rather the year that two new, young teachers started at the school and decided it would be a good idea to put on a musical production – The Pirates of Penzance. It was such a huge success that the next year they did it again with HMS Pinafore. There were several things that were remarkable about this evening, the most obvious being the passage of time since that eventful first year – fifty years! Continue reading

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Lessons from a Business Coach

Barbara Anderson put out a newsletter a few years ago in which she outlined tips for managing and keeping staff. When I read through the list, I thought these principles apply to people in any profession, including teachers, not just business people. They can also apply to how we relate to children, empowering them so they feel good about themselves. An extract from Barbara’s newsletter follows – Continue reading

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Some Strategies for Calming Children

Hyperactivity in children is an increasing problem and one that does not have a simple solution. Expecting all children to be able to lie still with eyes closed while you play relaxing music is unrealistic. Most children will not be able to do this without prior experience. Instead, start off with some calming activities and gradually work up to lying down with eyes closed. Following are some strategies that might help. Continue reading

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Background Music in the Classroom

Even if we are not consciously aware of it, music has a physiological and psychological effect on everyone. Listening to music can alter heartbeat, blood pressure and body temperature. It can stimulate us to action, or assist our retreat into slumber. A growing body of academic research asserts that background music has the capacity to influence human behaviour. Continue reading

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Children Who Are Different

When my brothers and I were children our paternal grandmother lived with us and she was forever exhorting us to ‘be stock-sized’. To draw attention to yourself by behaving or speaking or writing in a way that was outside the norm was frowned on. Our parents, on the other hand, encouraged us to express ourselves fully, to not hold back. Children today are encouraged to be individuals more than ever. Continue reading

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