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‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

At this time of year it’s very easy to be overwhelmed by all there is to do that we can easily forget what the season is really all about. It’s not only about consideration of others; it’s also about consideration of ourselves. We can’t help others or be appropriate roles models if we are grumpy and unreachable through exhaustion and stress. Sometimes it is hard to think about being charitable when we feel we are the only ones doing absolutely everything! Continue reading

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It’s All About Balance

Who thinks they lead busy lives? Who feels overwhelmed by the demands on their time? I would say most of you said ‘me’. The sensational advances in technology make communication and everything else in our lives, so much more efficient. The problem is, we think we have to do absolutely EVERYTHING and it all has to be done TODAY! The fact is, it doesn’t. Continue reading

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Tempus Fugit

I was reading Phillip Adams’ column in the Weekend Australian recently (May 28/9) talking about the general ‘hurriedness’ of life today. His comments, as usual, were insightful. It got me thinking about the ramifications of our hurried lifestyles and the stress that places on children. The younger they are, the more stress they pick up on. Young minds need a slow pace of life to absorb everything around them, which is why we have child-centred learning in our early childhood settings. I reproduce part of his article here as he as an amusing mode of expression. Continue reading

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Book Review: ‘Learning Through Drama, Dance and Song’

The Kidz-Fiz-Biz book ‘Learning Through Drama and Song’ was recently reviewed by Martin Blaszk. A few of the points made by Blaszk are: Continue reading

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Beware the Humble Sausage Sizzle!

In a recent article on children and food, Dr Peter Dingle, Associate Professor of Toxicology at Murdoch University Western Australia, was quoted as saying that sausages contain very little of nutritional value but worse still, contain nitrates and nitrites. High levels of these chemicals have been linked to health disorders including leukaemia in children. That is not to say you should rush out and ban all forthcoming sausage sizzles, but just to be aware that if children in your care are having a diet consistently high in foods of dubious nutritional value, that you run the risk of causing them health problems of varying degrees of seriousness. This is not rocket science: you eat junk – don’t expect to have excellent health. The link is often not made though between diet and exercise and good health. Continue reading

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Why Self-Publish?

If you’ve ever wondered whether you should publish that song, novel, textbook or poem, just do it. May this article inspire you. Sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes. Continue reading

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Relaxation for Kids

Let me stress to you the importance of teaching the children how to relax. Children are sometimes loud and boisterous because they think that’s how they are expected to behave. Sometimes it is attention seeking. Find out why. Continue reading

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