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Marlene Rattigan is teacher in Early Childhood & of English as a Second Language & from 1987-2000 was an accredited fitness leader.

Who’s Listening When You Think No one Is?

One of the many hats I wear is that of editor and proof-reader. While in Melbourne last week I caught up with a client whose book has just been launched. She posted an amazing and insightful comment on LinkedIn which … Continue reading

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Robots in the Classroom

I love robots and especially the notion of them doing the housework (although will the budgie disappear up the vacuum cleaner or the cat be run over?) and in the workplace they are already making their mark. I was reading … Continue reading

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Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble

I had the pleasure of seeing this documentary recently and can’t recommend it highly enough. Do yourself a favour and go and see it. This is about music transcending culture, race, creed and politics. As one of the ensemble said, … Continue reading

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Choosing Leaders

As we have an election coming up in Western Australia this weekend I have been thinking about what makes a leader and the process by which leaders get elected, whether in a political capacity or on the sporting field or … Continue reading

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Laugh and the World Laughs With You

As we commence a new school year or simply the advent of a new calendar year, we are keen to make loads of resolutions about our year ahead. By February, however, many of those resolutions have already been broken and … Continue reading

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A Library is a Rainbow

‘Look at that — look at that! That’s a library — a library is a rainbow in the clouds.’ So said Maya Angelou. Having seen this quote for the first time, I now find myself seeing it everywhere. It reminds … Continue reading

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Today’s Children in Tomorrow’s World

What child does not talk about wanting to visit the Moon? Or travel in a space ship to outer space? I can remember, as a child, wanting to visit the Man in the Moon. I wanted to know what he … Continue reading

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