Who’s Listening When You Think No one Is?

One of the many hats I wear is that of editor and proof-reader. While in Melbourne last week I caught up with a client whose book has just been launched. She posted an amazing and insightful comment on LinkedIn which I want to share because as teachers, it is not only the children in our midst that we are having an effect on. Our reach can be far wider. Make sure you leave a positive impression as you never know who is watching and listening! I reproduce Carolyn’s lovely comments here, with permission –

Carolyn Tate Author of The Purpose Project | Speaker | Founder The Slow School of Business | Conscious Capitalist | Certified B Corp 4d

“About 10 years ago I was speaking at an event in Melbourne and this lovely woman Marlene was in the audience. To be honest, I don’t even recall the event or meeting Marlene. She’s been on my newsletter mailing list all that time, followed my travels to France and read my books. Then earlier this year, I sent out the sampler of The Purpose Project to my mailing list and Marlene who is a whizz editor amongst many other things, took it upon herself to connect with me and provide some polite suggested edits. So, long story short, she ended up editing the whole manuscript! This week she was in Melbourne over from Perth and I gave her a copy of the finished product. I feel a bit teary writing that. For ten long years I had no idea that Marlene had been following me or that my work had inspired her (she’s done some pretty cool stuff in her life too). The point is that you never know who is watching or listening or who you are impacting (negatively or positively). We are each creating a ripple effect on others. What we do each day at home and at work really does matter. We owe it to ourselves, and to others, to be the best version of ourselves.“

So there you have it. I can relate to Carolyn’s sentiments as sometimes out of the blue at events or via email, someone will connect and say how much they enjoy reading my newsletters and always feel inspired by them! I am gratified anyone reads them at all! You have no idea who is watching from afar and it is always lovely when people see you in a positive light. Back to Carolyn though, do get hold of her new book, and perhaps get hold of Unstuck in Provence too. That’s an amazing adventure!

Go Here to buy a copy of The Purpose Project


Teachers Making a Difference

While you are in the mood for buying books, you might like to consider the ‘What My Favourite Teacher Taught Me’ series available from the kidz-fiz-biz website. I wrote an article for the 3rd book.


Yo Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble (see newsletter # 159)

I have just seen that this documentary is now available from fishpond.com.au so you can probably buy it from other online or retail stores as well. Highly recommended.  Just make sure you buy the one for your region. Region 4 is Australia.


About Kidz-Fiz-Biz

Marlene Rattigan is teacher in Early Childhood & of English as a Second Language & from 1987-2000 was an accredited fitness leader.
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