Laugh and the World Laughs With You

As we commence a new school year or simply the advent of a new calendar year, we are keen to make loads of resolutions about our year ahead. By February, however, many of those resolutions have already been broken and the high stress levels have already taken hold. I decided it would be appropriate to remind you to stop taking yourself and everything else around you so seriously and instead have a laugh. I have written before on the importance of laughter (issue 43 – Laughter IS the Best Medicine) but the topic is too important not to repeat it.

Here is a list of Canadian signs to activate your funny bones –

A sign in a shoe repair store in Vancouver:

“We will heel you! We will save your sole!

We will even dye for you.”


At an Optometrist’s Office in Calgary:

“If you don’t see what you’re looking for,

You’ve come to the right place.”


On a Plumber’s truck in Saint John, New Brunswick

“We repair what your husband fixed.”


On a Plumber’s truck in Winnipeg:

“Don’t sleep with a drip. Call your plumber!”


On an Electrician’s truck in Saskatoon:

“Let us remove your shorts!”


In a Non-smoking Area at the North Bay airport:

“If we see smoke, we will assume you are on fire

and will take appropriate action.”


At a Car Dealership in Lethbridge:

“The best way to get back on your feet is to

miss a car payment.”


Outside a Muffler Shop in Montreal:

“No appointment necessary. We hear you coming.”


In a Veterinarian’s waiting room in Truro, Nova Scotia:

“Be back in 5 minutes. Sit! Stay!”


At the Electric Company in Edmonton:

“We would be delighted if you send in your payment on time.

However, if you don’t, YOU will be de-lighted.


In a Restaurant window in Hamilton:

“Don’t stand there and be hungry; come on in and get fed up.”


At a Propane Filling Station in Brandon, Manitoba:

“Thank Heaven for little grills.”


In a Quebec City Radiator Shop:

“Best place in town to take a leak.”


On the back of a Septic Tank Truck in Ottawa:

“Caution – This Truck is full of Political Promises!”


About Kidz-Fiz-Biz

Marlene Rattigan is teacher in Early Childhood & of English as a Second Language & from 1987-2000 was an accredited fitness leader.
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