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I like cats; they’re my favourite pet. I have had cats in my life ever since I can remember. My childhood cats were Impsy, a small black cat my Mum thought was impish in her behaviour, then there was Torty the Persian tortoiseshell with beautiful soft fur and languorous behaviour; sensuality on four legs. Finally was Timmy the tabby, who spent most of his time charging around and shinnying up trees as boys do, whether feline or human. We had other pets too including dogs, mice and birds. I distinctly remember nursing a sickly kitten, keeping it in my doll’s pram and feeding it milk with my toy baby bottle. I used to bring the mother in to feed it too. I think it was one of Torty’s. The cats were my friends and I played with them often. I never understood why they didn’t want to be pushed along in the pram or wear bonnets. The dogs wouldn’t co-operate with this either. It was not surprising that when I had children of my own that our house was full of even more pets, including cats, of course, than I had as a child. Nowadays with my children grown up and me travelling so often, I am unable to have a cat, or any pet for that matter. This will all change one day. Continue reading

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The Importance of Fingerplays

Fingerplays, those little rhymes we loved as children which involve contorting our fingers (and often other body parts as well), are often overlooked as being unimportant by the very people who should be teaching them to young children. This is a great shame as they are extremely beneficial for many reasons, including social, physical and linguistic. Continue reading

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Life’s Greatest Lessons: 20 Things That Matter

I came across this article on success in Wayne Mansfield’s newsletter, The Maverick Spirit. The points are a summary of Hal Urban’s book with the above title. Great tips for yourself and also to instil in the children in your life. Continue reading

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The Importance of Good Grammar

I often hear it said that in this day and age of computer technology with spell check and grammar check, it is not necessary to have a good command of spelling or grammar. The argument is extended to suggesting that you can always pay someone to edit your work for you. I find this a disturbing trend because it encourages sloppiness and laziness. Continue reading

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