Dealing With Indigo Children

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the book Indigo Children by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. Broadly speaking these children are different, not necessarily ADD or ADHD but they can be. These children are in their own little worlds. Many children are like this but Indigos differ in their sensitivity to their surroundings and to people and in their ability to see the big picture. Usually highly intelligent, these children seem to have a ‘knowing’ about them. You hear parents saying the child has ‘been here before.’ They have a heightened spiritual sense without being aware of it. They seem to be disobedient and deliberately willful but it’s just that they have a totally different perspective on everything.

You may argue that it’s all to do with the parenting, that they are not disciplined at home. Not so. I have three boys, now in their twenties. They were all parented the same way. One of them is an Indigo. My son was reading The Celestine Prophecy at age 14. He was already on the spiritual journey. He was always the one displaying the above behaviour and he was often grounded, breeding resentment. Yes, I made mistakes, but I never stopped showing him how much he was loved and never stopped doing fun things with him.  This is the key, be sensitive and appreciative of their difference rather than condemning them for it. You will then find you have much to learn from them.

All my boys have a highly developed creative side (hardly surprising given that I’m their mother, providing lots of opportunity for them to draw, paint, dance, write stories, play music etc) but Indigos are more than just creative.  Their creativity is to do with how they feel the world as well as how they feel about the world. Providing creative outlets for them is essential.

Treat them with respect by allowing them to express their preferences. Give them choices and responsibility. They are more than capable of handling it. Most children like this approach but that doesn’t make them Indigos.

This term Indigo Children has referred to the recent generation of children as we enter the Age of Aquarius, the spiritual age. These children, who have a different perspective, will be the world’s leaders (I don’t mean necessarily in a political sense) and will be more sensitive to global issues. I would argue that the geniuses of previous generations have all exhibited these traits. Think about it. Einstein, for example, was labeled unteachable, a slow learner, a dunce.  There are countless other examples throughout the ages. Indigos have always been here. It’s just that there are more of them now. With a greater understanding and appreciation of difference, these children can develop and express themselves, becoming the people they were destined to be, even though they may seem somewhat of a trial to us while they are growing up.

So, don’t rail against them, tune into them and allow them to be. For further articles on this topic read Wendy Chapman at She says ‘EMPOWER THEM by LETTING THEM DEVELOP AUTONOMY.’ I couldn’t agree more.

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Marlene Rattigan is teacher in Early Childhood & of English as a Second Language & from 1987-2000 was an accredited fitness leader.
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